Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Indigenous Xicano


I moved to another page. When I first started blogging on google I used the name Fair Immigration Reform Now-the same as my myspace site. But I stopped blogging on google after about one month due to-I really do not remember why. I cannot blame it on my last year in grad school because I never studied until it was crunch time. I am the type of student who writes a paper a day or two before it is due. Man, that can be fun spending 14 hours researching a paper when it is due the next day. I do not miss that.

Anyway, I moved to another address to reflect my new name. In reality we are all indigenous to the earth and that is all that matters. Screw borders, nationalities, ethnicities, colors, religions, and genders. We are all one race and that is the human race.

The term xicano to me is a political term which I identify with. It connects me with my ancestors from Anahuaca. It centers me in the United States. It defines me as an evolving link with my past and future.

Check out my site if you wish. If you do not then have a great day doing something else. Just leave the hate outside and learn to see the world from perspectives you cannot yet imagine.


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